Wait on customers, not technology

With iZettle, you can organise your inventory, manage your business and get paid – all from the palm of your hand. To get started, all you need is the iZettle app, our award-winning card reader and a smartphone or tablet. Simple!

We work with thousands of cafés and coffee shops throughout the UK, so if you’d like more information, plus inspiration and advice from industry experts, add your details and we’ll get in touch. 

Table management

Use iZettle Pro to add and adjust tables to match the layout of your bar, café or restaurant and allow your staff to see who’s ordered what. 

Take tips quicker  

Accept tips in an instant, straight into your card reader and get an overview of how much you’ve made at the end of each day, so you can divide them easily between staff.

Staff management

Our staff-level sales reports show who’s been working and what they’ve sold. Plus, each staff member can have their own account to keep things simple.